Wolfeboro Vintage Race Boat Regatta - 2001

September 21-23, 2001

Recap & Photos !!!


Another successful event - the sun came out, the water was flat 

and the Vintage Race Boats were fast and beautiful !!!


These photos were taken by Eric Sojka - click on the thumbnails to download full size photos.



Race Course Setup      Pit Setup                 Hot Number            The Irishman       Packard Chris Craft



     Typhoon                Paul Nowack           Hot Number           Short Money Too               Fusee



   The Pits               Pre-Game Jitters    Bryan & TipBack       Drivers Meeting           Miss Severn



    Typhoon                   Phantom             Drivers Meeting             Squirt                    Phantom



       ?????                 Miss Severn              Baby-Ruth                              Typhoon



  The Irishman                           Tom D'Eath - Wa Wa Too


Photo by Tracy Morgan

Bill Fisk -The Irishman

Tom D'Eath - Wa Wa Too


 Miss America VII 

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          dsc00056.jpg (287210 bytes)                    

                               The Obsession Boys                                      Just Flyin                     Typhoon 


dsc00067.jpg (223227 bytes)                               dsc00070.jpg (214764 bytes)

 The first heat              Get ready               Miss America            Typhoon                   Obsession


dsc00073.jpg (54542 bytes)                dsc00076.jpg (224890 bytes)       dsc00082.jpg (73631 bytes)         dsc00099.jpg (96707 bytes)

           Miss America VII                            Miss Severn              Vagabond               Short Money II


dsc00110.jpg (67929 bytes)        dsc00125.jpg (283517 bytes)        dsc00135.jpg (285028 bytes)        dsc00140.jpg (93018 bytes)         dsc00007.jpg (254159 bytes)

  Vintage stuff             Ethyl Ruth                The Irishman               Wildcard                     Hi Q


dsc00231.jpg (293471 bytes)        dsc00247.jpg (71552 bytes)        DSC00279.JPG (84016 bytes)        dsc00297.jpg (358137 bytes)         dsc00306.jpg (65096 bytes)

   Heart Beat                 Get ready          Miss America VII     Miss America VII           At speed


dsc00012.jpg (918633 bytes)        dsc00030.jpg (829840 bytes)        dsc00032.jpg (946648 bytes)        dsc00064.jpg (923073 bytes)         dsc00066.jpg (818928 bytes)

Double Trouble           Wildcard                  Tip Back                  Wa Wa Too                Obsession


dsc00068.jpg (1068463 bytes)        dsc00071.jpg (911192 bytes)         dsc00097.jpg (845659 bytes)        dsc00103.jpg (843074 bytes)         dsc00116.jpg (968530 bytes)

    Get ready              Miss America              The twins                     Fusee                       Baby-Ruth


dsc00134.jpg (240149 bytes)        dsc00137.jpg (245300 bytes)         dsc00139.jpg (280317 bytes)         dsc00141.jpg (238116 bytes)           dsc00143.jpg (252031 bytes)

 Hypertension              Bill Fisk                Screamin Meemie         Bill Mehan                 Tip Back


DSC00005.JPG (350374 bytes)         dsc00163.jpg (286818 bytes)         dsc00164.jpg (278704 bytes)            dsc00192.jpg (287623 bytes)       dsc00261.jpg (297390 bytes)

Packard Chris Craft         Squirt               Everything was OK           Obsession              Len Gardner ???!!!


dsc00251.jpg (267017 bytes)         dsc00009.jpg (261040 bytes)         dsc00042.jpg (279100 bytes)            dsc00051.jpg (258815 bytes)        dsc00088.jpg (275820 bytes)

   Great ride                   Little Joe                Miss Severn            The Rolls Royce        Justa Fishn Bote


dsc00136.jpg (276942 bytes)         dsc00154.jpg (289334 bytes)         IMG0025.jpg (53722 bytes)            IMG0034.jpg (47751 bytes)         IMG0043.jpg (48787 bytes)

   Vagabond              Short Money Too          Obsession                   Miss America             First turn


IMG0046.jpg (48983 bytes)         IMG0051.jpg (67074 bytes)         IMG0055.jpg (57801 bytes)            IMG0064.jpg (51026 bytes)         IMG0070.jpg (57298 bytes)

    Phantom                 Miss America               Obsession                       Bill Fisk                   Vagabond 


IMG0073.jpg (38433 bytes)      IMG0100.jpg (40172 bytes)    

Wild-Man Fisk         Speed Skiffs       Justa Fishn Bote 


Vintage photos - in their younger years:


BJ-HiQ.jpg (536247 bytes)          BJ-Sister-Syn.jpg (194645 bytes)         Vagabond-1.jpg (411785 bytes)        Vagabond-1.jpg (168496 bytes)

              Hi Q                                Sister Syn                  Vagabond                  Photo-Bob Zerr


These photos were taken by your Webmeister - Bill John


BJ-Drivers meeting-Tom D'Eath.jpg (539611 bytes)        BJ-Drivers meeting-Fred Alter.jpg (556708 bytes)        BJ-Obsession.jpg (198203 bytes)        BJ-Baby-Ruth.jpg (606423 bytes)         BJ-Endurance.jpg (751658 bytes)

   Tom D'Eath              Fred Alter             Ready to launch           Baby-Ruth                 Endurance


BJ-Endurance-1.jpg (758471 bytes)        BJ-Fusee.jpg (476493 bytes)        BJ-Heart Beat-Paul Nowack.jpg (549011 bytes)        BJ-Just Flyin.jpg (717112 bytes)         BJ-Justa Fishn Bote.jpg (638649 bytes)

    Endurance                  Fusee                      Heart Beat              Just Flyin                Justa Fishn Bote


BJ-Miss America-engines.jpg (737957 bytes)       BJ-Vic Edelbrock.jpg (666194 bytes)         BJ-Miss Severn.jpg (616902 bytes)        BJ-Not Number.jpg (602116 bytes)         BJ-Obsession-1.jpg (661601 bytes)

Miss America VII    Vic Edelbrock            Miss Severn              Hot Number              Obsession


BJ-Phantom.jpg (701278 bytes)       BJ-Short Money Too.jpg (571738 bytes)         BJ-Snafu.jpg (688420 bytes)        BJ-Snafu-1.jpg (779047 bytes)         BJ-Squirt.jpg (711758 bytes)

    Phantom             Short Money Too              Snafu                        Snafu                            Squirt


BJ-Squirt-1.jpg (715526 bytes)       BJ-The Irishman.jpg (658056 bytes)         BJ-The Irishman-1.jpg (689479 bytes)        BJ-Tom D'Eath-1.jpg (589322 bytes)         BJ-Tom D'Eath-2.jpg (591261 bytes)

     Squirt                   The Irishman             The Irishman                My hero          The Obsession Boys


BJ-Typhoon.jpg (637391 bytes)                           Vagabond-2.jpg (394736 bytes)

                 Typhoon                          Vagabond-Photo by Jack Lowe


Some kind words from Bill & Judy Fisk:



To all those involved in any way with last weekends NH Vintage Race Boat Regatta, it was the best organized Vintage Race Boat event we have ever been to, bar none !!!

Many, many thanks, you should all be very proud. I hope you enjoyed hearing all the noise and seeing the rooster-tails from our race boats. They can cause "goose bumps" I was told at the Saturday cookout. Look forward to returning again next year, we had a Blast !!!!

Bill & Judy Fisk
"The Irishman"

Irishman.jpg (114316 bytes)


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