Wild Duck

1934, 26 foot Chris Craft Upswept

Owner/Driver - Ann Marvin

At our 2007 Wolfeboro Vintage Race Boat Regatta we ran a heat of magnificent triple cockpit runabouts for our opening ceremonies. Because we had 9 triples, we sent then out in two waves with a lead boat for each wave. Most of the kids/drivers behaved well as we recreated the heritage of boat racing on beautiful Wolfeboro Bay. As a special honor and attraction, we had Wild Duck with us, an original 1934 Chris craft triple cockpit runabout owned and driven by Ann Marvin. This boat actually raced on Back Bay in the 1930's and was driven by Nat Goodhue for the Marvin family. Nat also owned and ran the Goodhue Hawkins Navy Yard here in Wolfeboro, on beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee.






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