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Dan & Deb Joseph invite you to Wheeling, West Virginia

 to participate in their second vintage regatta.

August 31-September 2, 2007 !!!


This event is sanctioned by the APBA Vintage & Historic Division.

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Wheeling Vintage Raceboat Regatta

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Dan and Deb Joseph invite you to their second annual, Wheeling Vintage Raceboat Regatta, August 31-September 2, 2007. This year's event expands to three full days, with registrations, safety inspections and a social gathering all day Friday, August 31st and exhibition heats of vintage race boats on the beautiful Ohio River all day Saturday and Sunday, September 1-2. Bring plenty of fuel !!!

Our Website is up with pictures of the Heritage Port where we will run, and also has links to hotels in the Wheeling area. The link to the "official" page is: www.WheelingVintageRegatta.com

We intend to keep this event as open to everyone as possible, but will have to officially call it an "invitational" since we have limited by space at the riverfront.


For registration and more information, please contact:

Deb Joseph


Click here for Registration Form - print it out and mail it in!!!

Schedule of events:


August 31st


 Registration, safety inspections and a social gathering all day, starting at 8 AM

 Meet-and-greet for the public scheduled in the pit area from 3:00 to 5:00

 Dinner in the pit area for vintage people and invited guests at 6:30



September 1st


 Mandatory drivers meeting at 8:30 AM in the pit area

 All day - vintage race boats performing exhibition runs on the course !!!



September 2nd


 Mandatory drivers meeting at 8:30 AM in the pit area

 All day - vintage race boats performing exhibition runs on the course !!!



Brian Small and his APBA Safety/Rescue Team will be at Wheeling again this year.


Click here for maps and driving directions - MapQuest.com

Vintage Race Boats Scheduled for

Wheeling Vintage Raceboat Regatta 2007

As of: 12/22/2010



Big Hydros

Deepwater Special Tom Bertolini

Grand Prix


Miss Crazy Thing

Mike Tucker

Grand Prix Hydro

River Rat Bill Cousins Grand Prix Hydro

GP 200

Lauterbach Special

Bill Gmeiner Grand Prix Hydro

Oh Henry

John & Sandi Pepe

7 Litre Hydro


Hot Pepper

Kevin McGregor


7 Litre Hydro

The Irishman

Bill & Judy Fisk

Grand Prix Hydro

Canadiana Grand

Marv & Kevin  Hart

Grand Prix Hydro



Al Craig Grand Prix Hydro



Gregg Isaac 6 Litre hydro



Small Hydros

Bad Habit Joe Schulte 2.5 Hydro
The Judge Dan Joseph 145 Hydro
Something Special Brian Joseph 2.5 Mod Hydro


The Specialist

Jason Pomerleau 280 Hydro

Wanton Duchess David Wagoner

Will Farmer

145 Hydro

Barracuda Tim Settle 266 Hydro


The Rogue

John & Melissa Sherlock 280 Hydro



Lisa Bruce 1200 CC Hydro



Dick Harris 2.5 Litre Hydro
Little Fission Brian Joseph 145 Hydro


Country Stoves

Doug Woodward 280 Hydro


Miss Supersonic II

John Kirschner


266 Hydro


Jersey Speed Skiffs



Flyin High

Bill DeGlopper Jersey Speed Skiff



Rich DeGlopper Jersey Speed Skiff


Mean Streaker

Nate Slotiuk Jersey Speed Skiff


My Precious

Gerri Prusko &

Bill John

Jersey Speed Skiff


Rum Runner

David & Robert Wagoner Jersey Speed Skiff


Speedsters & Flat Bottoms



Can't Wait

Rob Kaufman SK Flat Bottom


Miss Mandella

Kevin Klosterman SK Flat Bottom

A note to all participants !!!

For insurance and safety reasons, to run your vintage race boat at speed on the course, you must be a current APBA member (American Power Boat Association) and your vintage boat must qualify and pass our APBA Safety Inspection. If you do not pass Safety Inspection, you will stay on the trailer. Safety is the #1 priority of this event.

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