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We have a passion for all vintage and classic boats including outboards, classic glass, inboard runabouts, skiffs, flat bottoms, hydroplanes, gold cuppers, offshore and especially historic vintage race boats. And to follow our passion, we support and promote the following organizations and participate at their vintage events. But it is important to remember that these vintage events are really social events, and every event is actually a reunion and gathering of good friends, with our beautiful vintage boats in the background, pulling us together. All are welcome to come join the fun, with or without a boat. We hope you will consider joining these very active organizations, and please be considerate and register early for their events. This lets the volunteer organizers know that you are planning to attend, enabling them to properly plan for the boat count for the show/regatta, and the head count for the social activities.

Please be considerate and register early !!!

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ACBS Vintage Events - lots of chapters and lots of boat shows !!!

Since 1979 we have been active members and promoters of the Antique & Classic Boat Society and the New England Chapter. We were board members and ran the annual Lake Winnipesaukee Boat Show for many years. But we recently moved to Mount Dora and are now active members of the Sunnyland Chapter, participating at the many Florida ACBS events.

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APBA Vintage Events -  lots clubs and lots of vintage regattas !!!

Our first American Power Boat Association sanctioned vintage race boat regatta was at Clayton, New York in 1992, when we got a chance to run our beloved vintage race boats on an actual race course, running some pretty hot laps. Since then, in the spirit of Gar Wood and Orlin Johnson, we have run our Gar Wood Speedster Obsession at APBA vintage regattas. Like vintage car racing, there are actually people out there who run their beautifully restored vintage race boats at speed on a race course and participate on a very active APBA vintage race boat regatta schedule. Come join all the fun and all the adventure on the vintage circuit!!!

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APBA Vintage Website

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