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In an effort to document and share all the fun of our vintage events, here are some links to our photo archives of vintage events where we have participated on the vintage circuit over the years. Our first ACBS Boat Show was in 1979 on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. Our first APBA vintage race boat regatta was in 1992 at Clayton, New York. Lots of adventures, good times, good friends, our beloved vintage wooden boats and of course, lots of food and drink - vintage gatherings !!!

Fall Thunder Regatta Video

Spring Thunder Regatta Video

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We retired in 2018 and are now living on the water in beautiful Mount Dora and enjoying our Monthly Fun Runs !!!

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From 1979 through 2000, all of our thousands of vintage event photos were older technology - using a Cannon A-1 camera and 35 millimeter film. We have many, many photo albums and boxes of photos. Someday we will have to dig through them, scan them and post here on our Website - someday !!!

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