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My Dream - a "working boat shop" at our NH Boat Museum

Bill John


It has long been my dream that our beloved NH Boat Museum will eventually evolve into a year round "working" museum, with a very active boat shop. Kind of a place where all us vintage wooden boat addicts, and also those just curious, could gather and work on wooden boats. Perhaps a better term would be a "clubhouse".


Well, as a Museum Board Member and Trustee, I am working very hard to make my dream a reality, but realize that this will take time. Our Museum is currently in the process of acquiring the property at our current location, which has ample acreage for expansion, and funds will have to be raised for building expansion. So, we are probably several years away from realizing my dream.


In the meantime, I have started "Saturday Morning Gatherings" at my fledgling Vintage Race Boat Shop on Bay Street in Wolfeboro. I provide fresh pots of coffee and interesting projects to discuss, and if you want to get "involved", wear your grubbies and come join the fun. We also have a couple of rocking chairs and a couch for some good Vintage boat banter. So stop by and join us on any Saturday morning - please bring donuts ???!!!


Admission price - free to Museum members.

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 First topic of discussion - Bill Morgan/Hacker runabouts.

Our first Saturday Morning Gathering was held on November 9, 2002,

when Len Gardner and Ken Sandhage stopped by with donuts ???!!!



Len and Ken brought donuts again on November 16th, and Mark Howard also stopped by. After they all left, we finally got some work done - repairing the transom separation on Joe Anderer's 26 foot Hacker Craft - with our beloved 3M-5200 adhesive.





Varnishing techniques.



On December 7th:

A new addition at the shop - a Packard Gold Cup motor ???!!!



This very special and very rare motor belongs to Mark Howard's Scotty, and is in the shop this winter for more detailing. If you get a chance, please stop by and check it out.

Click here for Scotty's Webpage.


On Christmas Day - we got snowed in ???!!!



In January - Scotty & "Miracle of Science" came back in the shop.


Miracle of Science gets prepped for varnish.



Work on Scotty has begun - detailing the bilge area.




On March 15th - some of our regulars.



An update - 10/18/2003

Currently in the shop - Vagabond and Wanderer II 

And on 2/14/2004

A special guest - Sam Rogers - previous owner of Scotty.



On 2/19/2004

The ultimate varnish finishing technique - buffing and polishing.

The results are absolutely stunning ???!!!





Finally - the hardware goes back on - 2/25/2004



And the trailer bunks get foam and carpeting.



Please stop by and join us on Saturday mornings - coffee is ready by 9:00


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