Sunnyland ACBS Antique & Classic Boat Show

March 24-27, 2011

Recap & Photos !!!

After many years of wanting to make the Mt Dora/Tavares ACBS boat show and many years of excuses, last year we finally made our first trek south to sunny and warm Florida, and we returned again this year in 2011. We hauled our Jersey Speed Skiff My Precious to participate at both the CRA Vintage Race Boat Regatta and then the Sunnyland ACBS Boat Show the following weekend. The weather was sunny and warm, the vintage race boats were beautiful and fast, and we had a great time. Many thanks to Dick Whyte and the entire CRA crew for a fantastic vintage event. We had a great time and now Tavares in on our annual schedule, so look for our NH Navy again at the Tavares Spring Fling in 2012 - a gathering of good friends and beautiful vintage race boats.

Classic Race Boat Association

Tavares Vintage Regatta - 2011

Regatta photos by F. Peirce Williams



The Sunnyland Annual Antique Boat Festival is the largest vintage boat show in the USA, and was recently moved from nearby Mount Dora to the the much larger facilities at Wooton Park in Tavares. This brand new facility was constructed as a sea plane base and provides high grade marine and aviation fuel, large launching ramps and brand new docks with 4 way ties to handle well over 100 beautiful vintage boats. Attended by more than 30,000 spectators over the four day event, more than 325 vintage boats were displayed on land and in the water at the new docks.


Our first stop was at registration on Thursday afternoon, and with everything prepaid, it was real easy and fast. These volunteers are my heroes, for they work so hard in the hot sun, making sure that the participants are well taken care of and are much appreciated. Then we unhooked the trailer and Al Engel hauled us away, as Dick Daily staged us at the CRA classic race boat display. Then we set out to take some pictures !!!


































Then while wandering around the vendor area, searching through the many piles of vintage stuff, there buried under a pile of Century hardware we finally found two water ski pylons, perfect to connect to to top of the A-frame bracket for our Hacker ski boat project - Impulse. One lower ring for water skiing and one taller ring for wake boarding and tubing. The two poles will be cut at different lengths and will drop into the top of the A-frame assembly and will be secured by a quick disconnect pin. After completion and dry fitting, the assemblies will then be sent to Mickey DuPuis at D&S Custom Metal Restoration to be chromed. Bud Bracket at Maine Classics did the design and mold for the A-frame bracket to fit stringers of the hull and also clear the front of the motor. Many thanks to Bud for all his help !!!










The local train club came by, scooting right along !!!


Then it was time for the always dangerous - Field of Dreams ???













Then we took a walk past the vendor tents down to the end dock, what a sight - awesome !!!























Please check back later - for we have many photos to post and then we will go back and fill in the story line. We hope that you will take the time to relax and enjoy.

Sunnyland Antique & Classic Boat Show - 2010

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