Tavares Vintage Race Boat Regatta

March 19-21, 2010

Recap & Photos !!!

After many years of wanting to make the Mt Dora/Tavares ACBS boat show and many years of excuses, this is the year that we finally made the trek south to sunny and warm Florida. We hauled My Precious to participate at both the Tavares Vintage Race Boat Regatta and then the Tavares Antique & Classic  Boat Show the following weekend. The weather was sunny and warm, the vintage race boats were beautiful and fast, and we had a great time.

Click here for Recap & Photos - Tavares Boat Show


We left Wolfeboro, NH on Wednesday morning, March 17th and arrived in sunny & warm Florida on Thursday evening. Upon arrival, a time to celebrate our successful trek at JJ Fins Dockside in Tavares. We were very tired, but also very excited - our first road trip and vintage regatta of 2010 ???!!!



On Friday morning, we made the rounds to several local shops. Many thanks to Tom D'Eath and Bill Feikert for the tour and all the fun.








On Friday afternoon it was time for registration and to setup the hot pit area.







Then on Friday evening, after the hot pits were setup, it was time to party.




After a good night's sleep, on Saturday morning we attended the Driver/Rider Meeting and then it was time to Rock & Roll !!!





















On Sunday morning we got a few heats in before the wind picked up, and then we had some fun at the awards ceremony. We got the award for the team that traveled the farthest distance to Tavares !!!




After the awards, Ruth & Leo Croisetiere just had to get a photo of Tom D'Eath wearing one of their R&L Engines t-shirts, so we had some fun during the photo opt.


Many thanks to Dick Whyte and the entire CRA crew for a fantastic vintage event. We had a great time and now Tavares in on our annual schedule, so look for our NH Navy again at Tavares in 2011 !!!


Regatta photos by F. Peirce Williams

Tavares Boat Show - Recap & Photos

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