A  21 foot Schiada River Tunnel Hull

Owner/Driver - Bill John

Well - we finally did it. On 2/7/2016 we signed the papers for the sale of our beloved Obsession. After 36 years of ownership, countless ACBS Boat Shows, lots of fun running on the APBA Vintage Race Boat Circuit and many, many fun boat rides, it was time for a new adventure. On March BRACKLEY BOATS - Gravenhurst, Muskoka, Ontario20, 2016 our beloved Obsession was picked up and hauled north to Muskoka, Ontario and will be maintained for the new owner by our friend Paul Brackley at Brackley Boats in Gravenhurst.




Here it is - our next vintage/classic race boat !!!


This 21 foot Schiada was custom ordered from the factory in Torrance, California by the former owner who drove all the way from the East Coast to pick up and haul back East in 1998. Since then the boat has always been kept in climate controlled storage and only used occasionally for weekend cruising with the family. With only 170 hours of use on the powerful 502 cubic inch 500 horsepower MerCruiser motor, this boat is absolutely stunning and in showroom condition. This Schiada River Tunnel design utilizes twin tunnels straddling a specially designed center pod for additional lift, while its three point running surface completely eliminates troublesome chine walking. And with the MerCruiser 500HP motor for power, this virtual rocketship sprints to well over 80 miles per hour with ease and cruises in the mid 60's with the low profile bimini top up !!! 


We found this classic Schiada with the help of Mark Krzyzanowski at Antique Boat America and we headed north to Clayton, New York on May 1st to pick up the boat and haul back to our home in Mount Dora, Florida. This was just in time for our next Monthly Run Run & Gathering on May 7th. Please join us for the début of our next vintage/classic race boat !!!

Monthly Fun Run & Gathering


We are very excited and looking forward to running our Schiada on the Florida Vintage Race Boat Circuit. With top speeds of well over 90 miles per hour, we should be able to keep pace with the Flatbottoms and Donzi's. Our first event will be the Tavares Fall Thunder Regatta. Check out these links and come join us for all the fun !!!

Tavares Fall Thunder Regatta

Florida Vintage Race Boat Circuit


We have always wanted a California custom ski boat, and here are the first photos we saw of the Schiada - that sucked us in !!!



The California style custom interior.







The motor - MerCruiser 500HP.






    Unique bottom design - twin tunnel hull with a fin.




The absolutely stunning hull graphics, matching travel cover and custom fitted Ellis Trailer.







MerCruiser Bravo outdrive with Stainless Steel Prop and IMCO Hydraulic Steering .





We trekked north on May 1st, picked up the boat in Clayton, NY on May 2nd and then returned safe and sound back home to Mount Dora, Florida on May 4th, my Birthday. Many thanks for all the Facebook Birthday Wishes.

And many thanks also to Mark Krzyzanowski at Antique Boat America !!!



Unbelievable, when we got the boat home and uncovered, we found a full case of 20/50 racing oil, pictures of the boat being rigged at the Schiada Factory, Schiada Sales Brochure, Mercury Marine Service Manual for the Bravo Stern Drive, MerCruiser Service Manual for the 500HP Motor, complete Mercury parts catalogs - even a Schiada hat and two pair of Schiada performance sun glasses !!!


We spent the first day home washing all the road grime off the boat and trailer, checking all the fluid levels, sitting in the driver's seat finding all the switches and reading all the instruction and service manuals. This was a giant step forward in technology for us. Don't forget that our previous boat was a 1946 Gar Wood that we had owned for 36 years. Wow, a tunnel hull design, padded bucket seats, MerCruiser inboard/outboard power and trim tabs. We had time traveled to the 21st Century.


Then on our second day home it was finally time to fill the twin fuel tanks with 93 octane rocket fuel and head out for our Sea Trials. On a beautiful, warm and sunny Florida afternoon, we launched our beloved Schiada at Gilbert Park in Mount Dora. The motor fired right up, all the numbers on the gauges were good and the motor just barked through the polished IMCO exhaust headers. It was a magical sound.



Then we headed out for our first Sea Trials on Lake Dora. It was fun, as we played with the outdrive power trim and the trim tabs to find the sweet spot. Cruising at 3,000 rpms and running 45 mph the boat run flat and we could feel the air running through the twin tunnel hull design. The four blade stainless steal prop ran nice and smooth and with the bottom fin the boat ran straight as an arrow turned on on a dime. We were very pleased with the mid-range performance of our Schiada, and when we stomped on the foot throttle the boat came alive and buried the speedometer needle is a flash. This boat is scary fast and will take lots of seat time to run safely at top speeds of well over 90 mph. What fun for us, a whole new adventure as we look forward to running our Schiada on the Florida Vintage Race Boat Circuit with the flatbottoms and Donzi's's !!!

Florida Vintage Race Boat Circuit


These photos clearly show the unique twin tunnel hull design.


The boat is being dry rack stored and serviced at the Mount Dora Boating Center & Marina, just a few block from our home. They had to design and make a custom rack to properly fit the unique twin tunnel hull design, supporting the hill nicely on four stringers. All we have to do is call the Marina one hour before we are ready for a nice cruise, and they launch the boat and fill the fuel tanks with 93 octane Rocket Fuel. After our cruise we just dock and cover the boat and they pick up the boat by fork lift and return to the custom covered rack. How cool is that! Many, many thanks to marina owners, Joe and Susan Louis for making special accommodations for our beloved Schiada. They are highly recommended !!!

Mount Dora Boating Center & Marina

Old Time Boat Co. Inc

With our beloved Schiada stored safe and sound at the Mount Dora Marina, we hauled the trailer over to our friends at the Old Time Boat Company for some repairs. Gary and Doug Scherb run the best restoration shop in the Mount Dora area, are highly recommended and replaced the wood and carpeting on the trailer bunks. Check out their Website, and if you are ever in the Mount Dora area, stop by their shop and check out their many shop projects.

Old Time Boat Company

The first event for our beloved Schiada here in Mount Dora was our CRA Monthly Fun Run & Gathering. We had 18 boats on 5/7/2016 and we all enjoyed the sunny, warm Florida sunshine !!!

Monthly Fun Run & Gathering









We even had a pontoon boat join us - Jim

Horton cruising right along at 60 mph !!!

Performance Pontoon & Deckboats LLC

Action Video Taken by our friend Jason Efron !!!


An update on 06/26/2016

Spending time now enjoying the boat, getting more seat time and feeling more comfortable flying the twin tunnel hull at speeds above 65 mph while working the trim tabs for the optimal trim. What a hoot to feel the air get under the tunnels and lift the hull above the water, while the bottom fin keeps the hull going straight as a arrow. What fun, this is called - flying the boat !!!

Many thanks to Mark Krzyzanowski at Antique Boat America

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