JS-930  Sassy

A Jersey Speed Skiff

Owner/Driver - Bob Mueller


First - some background information:


During the summer and fall of 2005, The Vintage Race Boat Shop completed a Jersey Speed Skiff reproduction built for Gerri Prusko. This reproduction was done "in the spirit of APBA vintage" and looks like a Jersey Speed Skiff of the 1950's/60's. It is a legal APBA vintage race boat and runs on the Vintage Circuit. These boats are safe and fun to run, and with stock warranted motors, provide for many years of fun boat rides !!!


Click here for project photos of "My Precious"

That was a fun project, the boat ran extremely well, and we wanted to do another one. Then in the fall of 2005, several conversations with Bob Mueller lead to a handshake and our second skiff project. That project had special, ribbon striped mahogany deck and transom, dark blue upholstered bench seats fore and aft, and was powered by a stock, warranted Marine Power motor with a Borg Warner transmission. The boat runs very well, lives in a boathouse here on Lake Winnipesaukee, and gets a good workout every summer by providing lots of boat rides.



Click here for project photos of Tinker

Time for some detail work, a name change and more varnish !!!


After a couple of years, it was time for more detail work, a name change and of course, more coats of Epifanes varnish. So in the Fall of 2008, the boat was hauled back to the Vintage Race Boat Shop for a refresh. The first step was to remove all the hardware and start building more varnish coats. We applied one coat of varnish per week, allowing each coat to thoroughly cure before sanding with 320 grit paper and Scotchbrite Pads. The initial/previous six coats of varnish were still is good shape, but had sunk in pretty well, just beginning to show the wood grain, so it was time to apply six more coats of thick, amber tinted, Epifanes varnish !!!




The next step was the name change. After several meetings, much discussion, many designs, and many emails, the correct lettering/font for 'Sassy" was finally decided. Then Jerome from JC Signs applied the transom lettering. The first step was to properly position the lettering, and then apply the mask/glue that holds the gold metal leaf. Then the gold metal leaf was applied to the mask/glue. Then Jerome applied his magic to the lettering by creating the "engine turning" or swirling effect in the gold leaf. This was allowed to dry overnight before a coat of varnish.




After a nice thick coat of varnish, Jerome returned and outlined the lettering by hand, using dark blue paint to match the upholstery. The blue outline paint was allowed to dry overnight.



With the gold leaf lettering complete, the varnish build coats continued, one coat per week to protect the gold leaf lettering, and to deepen the glow under the amber tint of the Epifanes varnish. And the results - absolutely stunning !!!



Watch for "Sassy" on our APBA Vintage Race Boat Circuit.

Click here for a history of Jersey Speed Skiffs

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