Sally Ann Jr. - William Edgar John Sr.

Our Beloved Vintage & Classic Boats

These are some of our favorite vintage and classic boats and many have been under our year round care. Please take a moment to wonder through our project WebPages, constantly updated with lots of photos and project updates, posted to keep the owners involved with their projects, and to share our passion for these magnificent vintage wooden boats.

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Our current Mount Dora restoration project.....


Lake Winds - Bill John & Gerri Prusko





Currently in our Mount Dora Boathouse.....


Schiada - Bill John





Our next reproduction project in our Mount Dora shop ???


Sally Ann Jr. - William Edgar John Sr.





Recently completed in our Mount Dora shop.....


Obsession - Bill John




My Precious - Gerri Prusko





Recently completed in our Wolfeboro shop.....


Compulsion - Bob Mueller




Impulse -  Bob Mueller



Chris Craft Boats


Miss Maggie Mae - Bobby Crabtree





Alalou II - Bob Doyle





Foxwood - Karen Sanders





Gosling - Gary & Cyndy Kiedaisch





MisStress - Bob Mueller





Cornelia - Mark Howard








Babe - Todd Brinckerhoff





Sirena - Steve Briggs





Wild Duck - Ann Marvin





Morning Star - Bob Ainscow





Miss Lori Ann - Ken Sandhage





Hepcat - Hank & Kathy Why





Cabaret - Hank & Kathy Why





Hot Number - Shaun Berry





Bandito - Roger Burgess





Lady June - John Heffernan




Century Boats


Cherish - Denis Hackman





Satisfaction - Woodie Laverack





AM Wood - Alex Hunt





Miracle of Science - Mike Heffernan



Gar Wood Boats


Nautilus - Jeff Buckley





Compulsion - Bob Mueller





Obsession - Bill John





Lively Lady - Chris Johnson





Eager Beaver - Dave Whitcher





Miss America VII - Jeff Magnuson


Miss Detroit III - Mike Michaud





Murlen - Mike Michaud




 Hornet II - Howard Hughes




Hacker Boats


Lollypop - Bob Calhoun





Impulse -  Bob Mueller




My Sweetie - Bob Angelica





Scotty - Mark Howard





Wanderer II - Daniel & Henrik Eriksson





Hot Dog - Tony & Kathie Coco





Miss Major - Len Gardner





Miss Severn - Gerry Davidson





Ladybug - Jack Bragdon




Jersey Speed Skiffs


My Precious - Gerri Prusko





Tinker - Bob Mueller




Sassy - Bob Mueller




OFWEGO II - Len Finethy




Falcon - Lin Galeucia





Miss Align - Bill Mehan





3 Point Hydroplanes


Sally Ann Jr - William Edgar John Sr.




Double Eagle - Forrest & Susan (Sooy) Elkins




Vagabond - Stephen Lindo




Roman Candle - Gerry Davidson





Hot To Trot  - Ruth and Leo Croisetiere




Century 21 Special - Shaun Berry





The Irishman - Bill Fisk





Executif3 GP-11 - Jeff Buckley





It's a Wonder - Jeff Magnuson




Hot Pepper - Al Craig





Tip Back - Bill Mehan





Scorpio GP115 - Dick Whyte





Pokey - Johnny Sweet




Other Designs


Schiada - Bill John





Hellzapoppin - Mike Michaud





Danbury Racers - John de Sousa





Miss Bluelectic - Reto Andreoli





Cracker Box - Calvin Reinhart





Hakuna Matata - Kevin McClusker





Miss Petunia - Ron & Lorraine Holley





Harlan Orrin - California Flatbottom Boats





Helicopter  Shots - Clayton, New York





Flash Back - Donnie Mclean




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