A Jersey Speed Skiff

Owner/Driver - Len Finethy

Riding Mechanic - Len Gardner


Year Built - 1983

Hull Design - Indigo Rigging/Bender

Resides In - Alton Bay, Lake Winnipesaukee, NH

I have been motor boating on Lake Winnipesaukee for many years, enjoying my first boat, a 1952 17 foot Chris Craft utility to the present family boat, a 24 foot Formula.


In 2001, at the NH Vintage Race Boat Regatta, I was introduced to Jersey Speed Skiffs by Paul Nowack. I went for a ride with Paul, and then Paul let me drive "JS-22 Heartbeat". That was it, I was hooked.


During 2002, I learned about Jersey Speed Skiffs and had several conversations with Bill John at the Vintage Race Boat Shop in Wolfeboro. He put me on touch with Jeff Buckley (Captain Nemo) at Boathouse Marine Works in Rock Hill, SC.


On April 5, 2003 we purchased the former JS-96 Think Crude, history unknown, from Capt Nemo after test driving the boat on Lake Wiley in Rock Hill, SC and on Lake Hartwell, GA at the ACBS boat show.


We assigned the number JS-603 for the NH telephone area code, and retained the name Domino assigned by Capt Nemo. We have, for 2006 changed the name to OFWEGO II which is our family boat name since our original 1952 Chris Craft.


We cruise Lake Winnipesaukee regularly and have participated in APBA vintage race boat regattas at Wolfeboro NH, Clayton NY and Lake George NY.


Every ride we take in our OFWEGO II is exciting, and always leaves us looking forward to the next ride !!!

Len Finethy

The photos below were taken by your Webmeister on 4/12/2003, when Len Finethy brought his new "Domino" to our Saturday Morning Gathering.


During the winter, the boat was repainted and detailed, and ready for the 2004 summer season.



Photos from Clayton 2004, giving Gerri Prusko her very first ride in a Jersey Speed Skiff.



That was all it took, Gerri was hooked, and later that Fall, she had a new/replica Skiff built for her - My Precious.

Click here for Gerri's story, and lots of project photos !!!

Click here for a history of Jersey Speed Skiffs

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