Jeff Buckley - current owner, retrieving a Gar Wood Speedster

Project update - July 10, 2014


During the summer of 2003, a reproduction of a 1934 Garwood Speedster wooden boat went down in Lake Norman, near Mooresville. It was a beautiful boat, but laying at the bottom in 80 feet of water,  many thought the boat was irretrievable - until now. This week, Jeff Buckley and his team floated the boat to the surface. Divers attached inflatable bags and raised the craft, then cleaned it out. The boat and motor were still in good condition and are currently being restored by the new owner - Jeff Buckley.

Click here for the YouTube Video !!! 


Project Update - July 12, 2014


Boat stripped and cleaned out on Thursday. Motor also torn apart yesterday, almost perfect. Port side of boat nearly completely stripped of finish. Deck to be stripped tonight.


Project Update - May 2016


It's got some cracks, but I'm not replanking, I can tell you that. Instead...I'm rebonding. And yes. LOTS of sanding and bleaching. Character Cracks or Preservation and Performance. Who cares if it's got some blemishes, will look more like a true vintage wooden boat, not perfect - patina !!!





Check back later for more project updates !!!

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Florida Vintage Race Boat Circuit


Reminds us of LIBERTY THE SECOND that remained on the bottom of Conneaut Lake for 63 years until they found and recovered in 1985. They actually steered it back to the dock after it was floated. We gotta find and recover these vintage race boats. Many are still down there, intact and in good shape, just waiting to be recovered and restored.

Liberty The Second

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