The New Hampshire Boat Museum presents,

our third, biennial, invitational:

New Hampshire

Vintage Race Boat Regatta

Wolfeboro, NH

September 25-27, 2003

Last update: 01/21/2007

Miss America VII - Jeff Magnuson, owner/driver

The past comes alive as some of the best known race boats of bygone eras return to Wolfeboro, for our third NH Vintage Race Boat Regatta. The boats will run demonstration "fly-bys" of 6 laps on a 1.25 mile oval course on Wolfeboro Bay beginning at 9 AM.


In addition to seeing and hearing these unique and beautiful boats run, spectators are invited to view them close-up in the pit area, at the Town Docks between 9 and 4, on both Friday and Saturday. 

Yup - Wolfeboro is now a major stop on the APBA Vintage Race Boat Circuit, and this year our event expands to 2 1/2 days, and includes 50 Vintage race boats running demonstration laps on a full size race course, on beautiful Wolfeboro Bay.

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Schedule of events:

RSVP for social events 603-569-4554


September 25th

1----4PM   Registration at Wolfeboro Town Docks (Gazebo)

1 PM       Rookie driver meeting/education at Wolfeboro Town Docks

1----4PM  Testing for all classes except 3 point hydros

           no crane, race course or safety boats

6---8PM  Dinner cruise on Winnipesaukee Bell ($35/person)

              Opening reception and registration

              Departing from Wolfeboro town docks


Travelers should plan to store theirs boats at their lodging or at our Museum on Thursday night.



September 26th

7 AM       Race Course setup

7 AM       Registration at the town docks - Gazebo

7:30AM   Patrol Boat Meeting at the town docks - Gazebo

8 AM       Drivers meeting at the town docks - Gazebo

9AM-4pm Vintage Race Boat heats on the race course

Boat rides for new/renewing Museum members - 11:00, 1:30, 4:00

4 PM          Race course removed

6 PM       Radio Controlled model race boats on Back Bay

              Hank Pyrciak is bringing his collection of hydros & classics

7 PM  Cocktail party and dinner at the Wolfetrap ($35/person)


Crane and hydros will remain overnight at town dock parking area. All others moved to other docking or stored at our Museum.



September 27th

7 AM -      Race Course setup

7 - 8 AM - Final registration at the Town Docks - Bandstand

7:30 AM - Patrol Boat Meeting at the Town Docks - Bandstand

8 AM  -     Drivers meeting at the Town Docks - Bandstand

9AM-4PM Vintage Race Boat heats on the race course

Boat rides for new/renewing Museum members - 11:00, 1:30, 4:00

4:00 PM - Race course removed

6:00 PM - Cocktail Party, awards and dinner at our Museum ($35/person)


Crane and all boats removed from town docks and parking area

RSVP for social events 603-569-4554


The Irishman - Bill Fisk owner/driver

Vintage Race Boats registered for this event.

Last update: 01/21/2007

Total boat count - 48

Please click on the photo thumbnails to enlarge. Also, many of these Vintage boats have their own Webpage - click on the boat name to load.


Boat Name

Owner Design/Class Launch

Heat A

 10 Boats


Small Hydros




Bill Mehan

Will Farmer

145  Hydro

Happy Budda Ron Taylor 5 Litre Hydro Crane
Vagabond Steve Lindo 


280 Hydro


Sidewinder Matt Morsheimer 280 Hydro Cabover Crane
Miss Sapphire Steven Ladino


225 Hydro

Tiger Carl Wilson 225 Hydro Crane
Country Boy Tom Bertolini


225 Hydro

Opechee Hal LeDuc


266 Hydro

River Rat Jr. Matt Yeager Outboard Hydro Trailer




Something Special

John Pepe ??? Crane

Heat B

7 Boats


Big Hydros

The Irishman Bill Fisk

Grand Prix





Jeff Buckley

Grand Prix Hydro Crane
Heavy Duty Bill Winn


7 Litre Hydro


Tool Crib Special Bill Morsheimer 7-Liter Cabover Crane
Petti's Pet Travis Hickman 7-Litre Hydro Crane
Zoomerang Sylvain Demers


5 Litre/GrandPrix



Hot Pepper Al Craig


7 Litre Hydro


Heat C

11 Boats


Jersey Speed Skiffs


Heart Beat Paul Nowack Jersey Speed Skiff Trailer
River Rat

Dave Yeager

Jersey Speed Skiff Trailer

Flying Pony Bill Russell Jersey Speed Skiff Trailer


Hot Ticket

Bill DeGlopper Jersey Speed Skiff Trailer



Rich DeGlopper Jersey Speed Skiff Trailer


River Rat

Marc Bresee Jersey Speed Skiff Trailer
Double Trouble Curtis Schmidt Jersey Speed Skiff Trailer



Hops-A-Lot Tom Law Jersey Speed Skiff Trailer



??? Skip Gillam Jersey Speed Skiff Trailer

JS 78

Lowe Blow

Bruce Lowe Jersey Speed Skiff Trailer


Domino Len Finithy Jersey Speed Skiff Trailer

Heat D

9 Boats


Small Runabouts

Short Money II George Johnson

Chris Craft

Racing Runabout


Playmate Mark Evans

Chris Craft

Special Race Boat




Moaner Lisa John Howard

Chris Craft

Racing Runabout




Brian Verville Pacific One-Design Trailer
Baby Ruth Dave Whitcher 225 hydro Trailer



Blackjack Peter Wensberg


Gold Cup


Little Joe Vince Bober Pacific One Design Trailer

Screaming Meami Skip Weeks SK Runabout Trailer

K - 77 Ken Sandhage Speedster Trailer

Heat E

10 Boats



Gold Cup



Obsession Bill John

Gar Wood

Gold Cup



Yar Gar


Chris Johnson

Gar Wood

Gold Cup Speedster


Scotty Mark Howard

1929 Hacker

Gold Cup Hydroplane



Ethyl Ruth IV David Coffin Gold Cup/Unlimited Trailer

Sister Syn Doug Bindrum


Gold Cup


Miss Severn Gerry Davidson

John Hacker

K-Unlimited Flat Bottom


Miss America VII Jeff Magnuson

Gar Wood

Unlimited Hydroplane


Troublemaker IV John Chimento ?? ??

Delphine IV John Skinner Gold Cup Trailer

RaceBoat V-14 Rick Kourian Gold Cup Trailer






R/C Model Race Boats Hank Pyrciak R/C Model Race Boats




 APBA Vintage Safety Inspection requirements - no exceptions - please come prepared.

Click here to download our Vintage Safety Inspection Form (Word Document)

*All Vintage boats will be closely inspected for safety*

  • Safety collar on drive shaft

  • Functional kill switch

  • Helmets - current or vintage

  • Life vests

  • Drivers/riders must be APBA Vintage members

 *Safety Inspection Warning*

If you do not pass Safety Inspection, you will
stay on the trailer.  Safety will be the # 1 priority
of this event.

Race Course.jpg (216349 bytes)

Safety is "the" major concern at all APBA Vintage events. We had a roll-over at our last vintage event, but with the help of Brian Small's

APBA safety/rescue team - no one was hurt, the vintage boat was saved, and the event continued.


Click on the thumbnail of our race course,

      on beautiful Wolfeboro Bay


Our Host Motel - located right next to our beloved NH Boat Museum:

Allen "A" Motor Inn
Tel: 603-569-1700
Route 28   427 Center Street 800-732-8507
Wolfeboro, NH  03894-1914
Web site:

Wolfeboro Inn
Tel: 603-569-3016  800-451-2389
PO Box 1270   
90 North Main Street
Wolfeboro, NH  03894-1270
Web site:

The Lake Motel
Tel: 603-569-1100, Fax: 603-569-1258
PO Box 887 ~ 280 South Main Street, Rt. 28
Wolfeboro, NH  03894-0887
web site:


Click here for Chamber of Commerce lodging information.

Click here for maps and driving directions - - only 12 hours from Detroit ???!!!


Directions for travelers from the West and South:

90 East - New York Thruway

90 East - Mass Pike

290 North/East

495 North/East

93 North to Concord, NH

393 East to Epson Circle

28 North to Alton Circle

28 North to Wolfeboro

Look for signs to Regatta Headquarters - at Wolfeboro public docks. 


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