JS-47  My Precious

Part 4 - fresh varnish and prep for new owners !!!




In the summer of 2013 we hauled My Precious from our shop on beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire down to our new home and shop in Mount Dora, Florida. This Jersey Speed Skiff was perfect for the smooth, freshwater Harris Chain of Lakes and we enjoyed many long cruises. Our plan was to be snowbirds, living in Mount Dora during the winter season and playing with My Precious, then returning to Wolfeboro during the summer season and playing with our beloved Gar Wood Speedster Obsession. But then we got very involved with the Classic Raceboat Association and started working full time promoting the Florida Vintage Race Boat Circuit. So we decided to make Mount Dora our permanent home. And with limited space in our garage/shop, we also decided to sell My Precious to make room for Obsession.


Florida Vintage Race Boat Circuit


So we posted an ad on our Shop Trading Dock and soon sold the boat to new owners in Titusville, Florida. Then we got to work with some minor gel coat repairs, buffing/polishing the hull sides, new travel cover, new water pump impeller and new thermostat. After that work was completed, we ran several successful sea trials and then bought My Precious inside our new Mount Dora Shop for lots of fresh varnish and final prep for the new owners !!!

Mike Bannick and his crew helped us with the gel coat repairs, matched the yellow color perfectly then buffed and polished the entire hull. My Precious looked brand new again, and then it was off the Boathouse Canvas Shop for a new custom cover.




Gel coat repairs and buffing the hull.

After a brief conversation with Jerry at the Boathouse Canvas Shop, he made a nice new custom fit travel/mooring cover for My Precious. We used Sunbrella material pulled tightly across the deck and many snaps below the gunnels for a snug fit, with a flap covering the varnished transom. This design has served us well over the years and keeps the boat clean and dry on the road at highway speeds.



New Sunbrella travel cover.

To ensure many more years of fun boats rides for the new owners, we also installed a new water pump impeller and thermostat. Then it was time for sea trials to ensure the motor and cooling system were working properly. We love sea trials !!!



Checking the new water pump impeller and thermostat.

My Precious was then hauled back to our new Mount Dora shop for 4 fresh coats of thick, amber tinted Epifanes varnish.


We sand between coats with 320 grit paper followed by Scotchbrite Pads using our DeWalt 5 inch random orbital sander. The sander is connected to a Fein vacuum system that provides for near dustless sanding. My Precious already has well over twelve coats of varnish over the last several years and this project will add four more. We are actually fairing the hull with varnish, and with each coat the surface gets smoother, darker and deeper. Three more coats to go, with thorough sanding between coats for a very smooth and very deep finish that will dance in the sun !!!





First - sanded with 320 grit paper.




Then - sanded with Scotchbrite pads.

After many hours of sanding and many hours of prep, we finally applied the first coat of thick, amber tinted Epifanes varnish. Applied using our rolling & tipping method and just a titch of Epifanes Retarder added to the varnish, allowed the varnish to flow out evenly before it began to kick, and provided for a very thick and and very even coat of varnish. But we still had three more coats to go, sanding and faring the hull between each coat and getting the hull smoother and smoother with each coat of thick, amber tinted Epifanes varnish. We just love the smell of fresh varnish!!!






The first coat of varnish was applied.

After four thick coats of Epifanes varnish, we let the boat sit for a week, allowing the varnish to cure. Then we re-installed the hardware and seats.





Then it was off for lettering - for the new owners !!!

After installing a new NAPA marine battery, we hauled My Precious to the Hot Pits at the Tavares Fall Thunder Regatta to delivery to the new owners. Here is the link for lots of regatta photos, check them out !!!

Recap & Photos - Tavares Fall Thunder Regatta


And here are some photos from the 2014 Tavares Spring Thunder Regatta. Notice that the new owners have already changed the lettering, added more details to the boat and look pretty sharp in their new racing outfits - color coded with the boat. We are very pleased that the new owners are taking good care of My Precious, and because they live in nearby Titusville, have agreed to run the boat on our Florida Vintage Race Boat Circuit !!!




Watch for My Precious on the Florida Vintage Race Boat Circuit !!!

Florida Vintage Race Boat Circuit

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