Miss Petunia

A 1941 Morin Craft

Owned by Ron & Loraine Holley

Miss petunia is a 1941, 22 1/2 foot Morin Craft, double cockpit mahogany runabout built by the Morin Brothers, dba Greenwood Lake Launch Works in Sterling Forest, NY. Morin Craft boats were built from the 1920's through 1955 in 18 to 32 foot lengths.


Miss Petunia was originally named Joni Lynn and was acquired through the Museum of Yachting in Newport, RI. in 2003 from her second owners, Peter & Mae Scalia of RI. They bought her in 1946 at Greenwood Lake. She had been previously restored in 1986 and in storage prior to relocating to Wolfeboro.


Greenwood Lake Launch Works, and Miss Petunia, were featured in Volume VI of "Real Runabouts" by Bob Speltz (1987). She is currently undergoing restoration in Wolfeboro, NH. Originally powered by a 4 cylinder Scripps, she was re-powered with a 6 cylinder, 115HP Chrysler Crown in 1948. also being overhauled for re-installation.



Restoration photos posted on 2/26/2004




Slow but steady progress - 3/11/2004




Fast forward to 4/23/2005, and take a look at the impeccable craftsmanship of Ron Holley.





And finally - the launching ceremonies on September 23, 2005 !!!







Congratulations to Ron Holley, the boat is absolutely stunning, impeccable workmanship !!!

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