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Miss Detroit III

Replica - Miss Detroit III

1918 single step hydroplane

Mike Michaud - owner/builder

My love for race boats started in 1986 with a Jersey Speed Skiff ride, at Jeff Magnuson's lake house on Lake Winnipesaukee. Knowing that I was hooked, Jeff sold me the skiff the next year. I had a lot of fun with that boat, and two years later sold it, to build the red and white sided Packard Chris Craft race boat. Soon I found out the pride in building your own boat was as good as driving them, and wanted to build another. But what would I build next?


Then I received a gift from Jeff, the book "Classic Speed Boats", and I started looking. While thumbing through the book, I stumbled upon a picture of Miss Detroit III on page 32. Intrigued by the photo of Gar Wood and Jay Smith in the boat, I then read the chapter to find out that it won the Gold Cup in 1918 and 1919 under the sponsorship the the Detroit Yacht Club (DYC). Miss Detroit III was designed and built by Gar Wood and the Chris Craft Boat and Engine Company.  It was considered to be a state of the art hydroplane at that time period.

That was it, I knew that Miss Detroit III would be my next project. Call it love at first sight, but the wheels were set in motion, and construction began during the winter of 2000. She now sits in my shop and work is progressing nicely, with completion expected in the fall of 2002.


I want to thank Jeff Magnuson for getting me started and involved with the construction of vintage race boats - for people to see, touch, and ride in.


Will see you on the water !!!

Mike Michaud

Acton Maine



Click here for the history of stepped hydroplanes - by Fred Farley.

Miss Detroit III - a single step hydroplane - designed by Gar Wood & Chris Smith in 1917.




The fuel tanks get installed.      


The V-drive gets installed.


The unique bow rudder is installed.


The V-12 Motor - vary rare & unique - what is it ???!!!


Template for the V-12 motor - yup - it's gonna fit.


The stunt driver - Donnie (Orlin Johnson) McLean.


Photo update - 3/10/2002









Mike Michaud and Bill John


Project completion is now schedule for the summer of 2005, and Miss Detroit III will be participating in our NH Vintage Race Boat Regatta.

Click here for details.

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This Glen-L kit boat is looking for a good home.

Hull is sound, just needs a motor and interior.


And - Donnie thinks this "hydro" will actually run on the snow ???!!!

And - a gathering before our Museum's Winter Doldrums Dinner & Auction.


Hey - this is a fun crew - stay tuned for more updates ???!!!

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