Miracle of Science

A 1965 Century Resorter

Owner - Mike Heffernan

This 1965 Century Speedster was transported from Wellesley, Mass to the Vintage Race Boat Shop for some minor wood work, a bottom paint job, fresh varnish and some hardware rechroming.

The ultimate varnish finishing technique, buffing and polishing, the results are absolutely stunning !!!





Finally - the hardware goes back on.





And the trailer bunks get foam and carpeting.



And then on 5/2/2004 - Spring Launching. Because of the original, single plank on batten bottom construction, the boat took on quite a bit of water. So for the first 2 hours of the swelling process, the boat was kept on the trailer. Then the high capacity bilge pump was able to keep pace, and the boat was floated off the trailer. Please notice the improvements made to the trailer - a new keel board, dense foam and black carpeting.





But all was not well on the first launching, for the motor was not pumping enough water at low RPM's. So the boat was pulled back to the shop where the water pump was removed and disassembled, and sure enough - the impeller was toast. After replacing the impeller, the water pump was reinstalled and the boat was re-launched. The water pumped worked much better and the motor ran much cooler at low RPM's. So the boat was floated to a dock for final swelling, with a battery charger attached of course. The boat was then covered and left to swell for a week before Spring Sea Trials !!!  



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