A 1930, 24 foot  Chris Craft

Owned by Gary & Cyndy Kiedaisch

osling was delivered from the factory in April 1930 to Lake Sunapee, New Hampshire with the name Gosling on her.  I have a copy of the original Chris Craft hull card. We suspect the name gosling came from Lake Sunapee's long time Goose mascot. She has always been named Gosling. The Gosling was sold (date unknown) from Lake Sunapee to owners who kept her on Lake George until 1994. Cyndy and I bought the boat in 1994 and had it restored by Muller Boat Works over the winter of 1995.



The bottom was replaced with a new, old style planked construction. In lieu of using canvas in between the laminates as was the standard in 1930, an oil resistant rubber membrane was used. This proved desirable as the bottom still flexes as it was designed to, provides a smooth quiet ride and does not stress the hull as does a solid epoxy bottom. The decks and transom were replaced as well. All the remaining wood is original.



A 1954, 331cc Chrysler Marine Hemi motor was installed with electronic ignition, a high rise intake manifold and Holley carburetor. This was an attempt to get modern power performance while maintaining an antique power plant. The original tri pod, single barrel carburetors are in the barn for safe keeping. Because of the Hemi's weight, similar to the original weight of the Chrysler 6 and heavier than modern V8 power, the boat rides heavy and solid, although relatively slow with a top speed of 42 MPH. The five cluster instrument panel is original and the instruments were rebuilt in 1995.


The boat has been well maintained and stored in a boat house on the Weirs Channel, and was on display at our NH Boat Museum for two years. A special thank you to Gary Kiedaisch, for sharing his story of Gosling with us.

On June 7, 2004 Gosling was transported to the Vintage Race Boat Shop for some some performance motor work, a new 4 blade stainless steel prop, and spring launching ceremonies!!!



After commissioning the motor, installing a new 4-blade prop, and filling the fuel tank with 93 octane gas, on June 13th we launched Gosling.






The next step, after letting the boat swell for a week - sea trials !!!

And as expected, the new 4-blade stainless steel prop provided additional "transom lift" that allowed the hull to run flatter, reduced drag, and increased the speed significantly. Yup - this 1930 Chris Craft is a runner, and the sound of that Chrysler Hemi is pure magic !!!


Finally, on June 24th the motor oil and filter were changed and Gary Kiedaisch arrived for his own personal sea trials, and to drive Gosling from Wolfeboro to his boathouse on the Weirs Channel. Upon arrival, Gary called the Vintage Race Boat Shop to confirm the new 4-blade prop worked and Gosling was now a real runner!!!





Next, it was time for a tune-up, and we also changed the 4-blade prop from a 13x14 to a 13x16, to better absorb the horsepower of the Chrysler Hemi and to lower the RPM's. Then the most fun part of any project - sea trials on beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee !!!





Click here the next step - fresh varnish and a Chrysler Hemi rebuild


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