JS-1  Falcon

 A Jersey Speed Skiff

Owner/Driver - Lin Guleucia


In the Spring of 2009, this Jersey Speed Skiff arrived at the Vintage Race Boat Shop to replace all the hardware damaged by salt water use, carburetion and ignition upgrades, cavitation plate assembly adjustments and new bucket seats. We also relocated the battery, added a bilge blower, raw water strainer, MSD ignition system and new Holley marine carburetor.


Although this reproduction Jersey Speed Skiff is a legal APBA vintage race boat, able to run on The Vintage Circuit, Falcon is used primarily as a pleasure/ride boat here on beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee. These boats are safe and fun to run, and provide for many years of boat rides.






There photos were taken in the fall of 2008 - sea trials - it was cold but we had fun !!!



Then safe and sound, in winter storage.


Click here for a history of Jersey Speed Skiffs

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