Clayton Antique Race Boat Regatta - 2008

Recap & Photos !!!



Marv Hart invited the vintage race boats to the beautiful 1,000 Islands, in Clayton, NY for their Antique Race Boat Regatta.

August 14-17, 2008


The Antique Boat Museum

 Sanctioned by APBA Vintage & Historic Division


The past came alive as some of the best known race boats of bygone eras returned to Clayton, New York, for our eighth Antique Race Boat Regatta. Clayton is the birthplace of our APBA Vintage & Historic Division, holding our first antique boat regatta in 1992, and Clayton continues to be the biggest event on the APBA Vintage Race Boat Circuit.  This summer's regatta expanded to 4 full days and with addition docking, well over 100 vintage race boats ran demonstration laps on a course setup in front of the Museum.


In addition to seeing and hearing these unique and beautiful boats run, spectators were invited to view them close-up in the pit area, at the Museum Docks.


If you're in the sport, want to be in the sport, or just appreciate Vintage Race Boats, Clayton was "THE PLACE" to be. This was the largest gathering of vintage race boats in the country with lots of varied activities. To be on the mailing list for updates or wishing to contact event chairperson for further details, contact:

Charlotte Brooks -

Events coordinator for Museum

The Antique Boat Museum


 Clayton Re-organizes Race Boat Regatta !!!

In an effort to stay abreast of the growing needs of the sport and to insure the home of APBA Vintage and Historic race boats remains at Clayton,  the management of the Antique Boat Museum has approved the following changes.

  • Our Clayton Antique Race Boat Regatta will expand to 4 full days, every other year.

  • A Driver/Rider Clinic for new and veteran drivers and riding mechanics.

  • An informational meeting held by representatives of our APBA Vintage Division.

  • A new warning light system to augment the standard safety flag system.

  • Improved “How to “ clinics  to aid restorations.

  • A Swap meet for spare and discarded parts.

  • Public to visit pits at designated time each day.

  • Antique Motorcycles and Vintage Race Cars will also be on display.

  • Thursday evening BBQ for all exhibitors and crew, cost included in registration fee

  • "Legends of the Past" on Saturday evening, honoring personalities of significance.

And thanks again to Brian Small and his APBA Safety/Rescue Team, another great job at Clayton again this year.

We left for Clayton on Wednesday morning, arriving in plenty of time for Marv Hart’s welcoming celebration at his adult day care center.




On Thursday morning, we participated in Marv’s Driver/Rider Clinic and then ran hot laps all afternoon long, with Compulsion and Obsession running side by side, burning lots of fuel, gaining lots of "seat time" and having lots of fun. We then ran with the pack during the actual heats on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Compulsion ran very well and very safe, running in lane 2 most of the weekend, with heats of over 5 Gar Wood Speedsters. We have been running hard at every Clayton vintage regatta since it all began in 1992, and we ran hard again at Clayton 2008 !!!










The Thursday evening BBQ and Chili cook-off was sponsored by Brian Small's APBA Rescue Team and the Vintage Race Boat Shop. All the vintage hard core were there, the mood was festive and the stories were endless!!







On Friday, we ran vintage heats all day long.
















On Friday afternoon, Brock Yates pulled in to display some of his collection, very nice.






On Friday evening, Bob & Janice Hampton hosted our vintage crowd to a huge BBQ at their home.








The Clayton pits were active on Saturday morning, then we ran hot laps all day long.





















The Clayton Antique Boat Museum has been transformed since our last Race Boat Regatta in 2006. The gold cuppers and speedsters were under cover all weekend long in the huge, new Boathouse and the new "Quest For Speed" exhibit was absolutely stunning. The multimedia video's around the Museum displays made history come to life - with all the action and sounds on the big screen displays. This Museum display must be seen to be fully appreciated - the boats, motors, the sights, the sounds are just fantastic, click here for The Antique Boat Museum 






After a full day of running vintage heats, on Saturday evening we all gathered for a huge celebration and awards. First, Bill John presented Marv Hart with the remains of a Clayton Buoy, then Tom D'Eath was inducted into the Clayton Legends Program, and then Marv Hart was presented with the Daniel J Murphy Award. Congratulations to Tom & Marv !!!





On Sunday morning we had an early Drivers Meeting to discuss concerns about the windy/choppy water conditions. We agreed to delay the first heats for an hour, to hopefully let the wind die down. That's all we needed, an hour later the sun came out, the water was flat, and we ran the best vintage heats of the weekend. Sometimes you win !!!









We ran our fuel tanks dry during our Sunday morning heats, and had a great time in the Clayton sun running lots of laps. We came back to the docks on fumes, and then craned onto the trailers. After a quick lunch with Marv and a beautiful 8 hour trek across upstate New York, Vermont and New Hampshire we arrived safe and sound back in Wolfeboro.





Many thanks to Marv Hart, Dave Richardson and the entire Museum Staff for another great Clayton Antique Race Boat Regatta !!!

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