A 1966, 17 foot Century Resorter

Owners - Denis & Valerie Hackman

Click here to hear that Chrysler 318 just purr !!!

Cherish has been in the Hackman family since new and has provided for many years of family fun. The boat has been well maintained by Denis Hackman and remains in excellent condition.






In the Spring of 2005, Cherish was hauled to the Vintage Race Boat Shop for transom lettering and the water pump was is urgent need of rebuilding with two new impellers.




Then in the Fall of 2009, Cherish was hauled to the Vintage Race Boat Shop for complete refinishing, including bottom detailing with two coats of Pettit Hard Racing Bronze paint, four fresh coats of Epifanes varnish, and of course two coats of Pettit white boot stripe paint.





After a thorough survey, all the hardware was removed, work began on some minor bottom wood repairs, and the hull was prepared for the first coat of fresh Epifanes varnish. We spent a full week sanding, first with 320 grit paper and then with Scotchbrite Pads, being careful not to burn through the beautiful mahogany stain.




Then the hull was thoroughly vacuumed, tacked and the first coat of thick, amber Epifanes varnish was applied with a roller & foam brush. After 5 coats of Epifanes varnish, sanding with Scotchbrite Pads between coats, we were done.




After the varnish work was done, we spent a full day sanding the bottom, first with 120 grit paper on our ransom orbital sander followed with Scotchbrite Pads. This was tough, but very necessary work, so we hoisted the boat work up off the dollies, got comfortable on our creeper, and made the best of it. Then we applied two coats of Pettit Hard Racing Bronze paint, using our rolling and tipping technique.

Remember - if you wanna be fast, you gotta be smooth !!! 




The next step was to polish and install all the beautiful chrome hardware.





The cockpit trim was then installed and we continued to polish and install hardware.







Then we installed a dripless drive shaft seal, and changed the oil.





Time for our project completion party, complete with a Cherish cake from Denis & Val Hackman.




Time to dig out the trailer from winter storage, this took some doing !!!



Then we hoisted Cherish off the dollies onto the trailer, a few more "outside" photos, and hauled to winter storage.




In the spring, we hauled Cherish from winter storage back to the shop for commissioning, and then on May 26th we held our Spring Launching Ceremonies. The motor just purred....ready!!!





Click here for video - let it load & crank it up !!!

Many thanks to Denis & Val Hackman for sharing our Cherish project, a completely restored, refinished and absolutely stunning 1966 Century Resorter.

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