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Y-3 - Century 21 Special


Century 21 Special
Owners: Shaun & Ellen Berry

Wolfeboro Falls, NH

This is an 850cc hydroplane, which set the  world speed record for its class of 102.263 MPH in 1981. The record still stands as this class has been discontinued. Powered by an Imp engine (the Coventry Climax used in Sunbeam and Hillman Automobiles) it approaches 9,000 rpm as it reaches top speed.)  The hull was restored by Bill DeGlopper of Grand Island NY as it appeared in 1981 when Steve David piloted it to the record. The engine was restored by Jim Appley of Florida and the mechanicals have all been re-done by Shaun's son Jay Berry at J's Rod and Custom of North Hampton, NH.

Many thanks to Shaun Berry for sharing this very special project, and watch for "Century 21 Special" next summer on the APBA Vintage Race Boat Circuit.

If you are interested in joining the fun, or just curious, here are some Websites with more information - to get you deeper involved ???!!!

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