A 21 Foot, 1966 Lyman Runabout

Owner - Hank Why

This 1966 21 foot Lyman Runabout, powered by a 210 HP Crusader, was rescued by Hank and Kathy Why in 1973 from the ravages of salt water in New Jersey. It became another project in a succession of many wooden boat restorations. Launched in Lake Winnipesaukee in 1974 it has served the original Why family faithfully for 28 years and is now caring for the next generation of grandchildren. It is a secure and smooth riding boat ideal for all lake conditions having handled 4 to 5 foot waves that actually broke over the bow.


The owner, with the exception of the 1985 engine overhaul, has performed all of the restoration and maintenance work. It is original thru out with the exception of a modification to the engine box to accommodate the Crusader which replaced the original Grey Fireball. Lyman boats are becoming more popular as collector items in recent years due in part to the organization of the New England Chapter of the Lyman Boat Society of North America, which sponsors an annual rendezvous each June in Wolfeboro.

Thanks to Hank & Kathy Why for the photo and text.

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