Tavares Sunnyland ACBS Boat Show

March 24-26, 2017

The Sunnyland ACBS Boat Show is a major stop on the Florida Vintage Race Boat Circuit and several local CRA members will again be hauling their vintage race boats for display at our CRA booth. We will be handing out CRA decals, posters and signing up new CRA members. This is biggest and best ACBS boat show in the country will well over 200 antique and classic boat on display at the docks and on land display. Boat rides are also plentiful as many of the northern snowbirds enjoy their first boat rides of the season in the warm Florida sun. Don't miss this magnificent event, here is the link for all the details !!!

Tavares Sunnyland ACBS Boat Show

CRA Vintage Race Boats

Recently Displayed at the Sunnyland ACBS Boat Show !!!



Dick Whyte


Grand Prix Hydro



Roger LaPierre


266 Hydro



Bill John

1946 Gar Wood Speedster


Riley Warddrip

1979 Classic



For more information or if you want to volunteer, please contact:

   Bill John                           Gerri Prusko

352-729-6060                        352-729-6060

     BillJohn48@Comcast.net     Vintageboat@Comcast.net


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