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Florida Vintage Race Boat Circuit

Regatta/Hurricane Irma Update - 9/27/2017


The CRA Board of Directors decided on January 20, 2018 for a number of reasons, to cancel the planned 2018 Tavares Spring and Fall Regattas.


But CRA will be back in 2019 when the Wooton Pack docks are rebuilt, we strengthen our volunteer force and if APBA will grant us another sanction. Please be aware that our large Tavares Regattas, running all the vintage and classic classes with well over 60 boats requires an army of volunteers. So please consider volunteering and come join all the fun at our grand celebrations of vintage and classic race boats !!!

A CRA Update - 2018 !!!

The Classic Raceboat Association (CRA) is a Tavares, Florida based non-profit organization formed to organize, promote and run both fun-runs and vintage regattas on our Florida Vintage Race Boat Circuit. These are vintage and classic race boats from the early 1900ís to the 1980ís. It is also interesting to note that many CRA members do not own vintage race boats but join for the social activities, especially all the fun at our regattas and our Monthly Fun Run & Gathering. All boat types are welcomed.

Wooton Park Layout

Wooton Park - Current Development Plan


And joining the locals during the winter months when the northern based vintage events are in hibernation, the snow birds are increasingly hauling their beautifully restored vintage and classic race boats down to Florida to enjoy the sunny and warm Florida weather and to also participate on our fast growing Florida Vintage Race Boat Circuit. With the flat water on the small inland Florida lakes, these regattas are attracting large boat counts with well over 75 vintage and classic race boats at the last several events, along with huge crowds. The regatta participants have fun running their restored vintage race boats at speed on a race course in the warm Florida sun and the public gets a chance to see, hear and experience the rich history of Florida powerboat racing. The sights and sounds are just magnificent and admission is free, so come join us at our next event !!!

Fall Thunder Regatta Video  - Pete Boden

Spring Thunder Regatta Video - Pete Boden

Recap & Photos - Tavares Spring Thunder Regatta

Our annual meeting of the members is held in January at our Tavares Winter Gathering. This is where the election of board members and officers takes place, along with updates and a lively question and answer discussion session.

Winter Gathering & Annual Meeting


Come join us for all the fun and help us move forward !!!

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CRA Membership

2018 Florida Vintage Race Boat Circuit !!!

Snowbirds - haul down in the fall to join

all the fun, then haul back in the spring !!!


It is important to remember that these vintage events are really social events, and every event is actually a reunion and gathering of good friends, with our beautiful vintage boats in the background, pulling us together. All are welcome to come join the fun, with or without a boat. We hope you will consider joining us, and please be considerate and register early. This lets the volunteer organizers know you are planning to attend, enabling them to properly plan for the boat count for the regatta and the head count for the socials.

Please be considerate and register early !!!

Contact - Bill John




The 2017 Northern/Summer Circuit !!!

Sponsors & Donations

The cost to run our APBA sanctioned regattas has become significant as the cost of insurance, crane rental, ambulance services, safety team, and many other important facets to make the events safe and enjoyable continue to increase. In fulfilling our mission, we operate as efficiently as possible and work very hard to break even at our events. The help of sponsors like the Lake County Economic Development Commission, the City of Tavares and various private donors aid significantly to make our efforts successful. Please check out this link and consider helping us !!!

Help Support Our CRA Regattas


For locals, please join our:

Saturday Morning Gatherings

Monthly Fun Run & Gathering

Florida Vintage Race Boat Circuit

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