23 foot, triple cockpit, 2004 Gryphon  

Hull constructed by Phil Spencer.

Finished and rigged by the owner, Roger Burgess.

Yup - a brand new custom boat was built right here in Wolfeboro, by Museum member Phil Spencer. Construction began in the Fall of 2003, and was completed in the Spring of 2004.



The photos below were taken on on New Year's Day, 2004. That's Roger hard at work, putting on the first coat of bottom paint. Yup - he's got the fever!!!





Finally, the bottom is done and painted, and on 1/9/2004 - the big flip.



Then the transom and shear begin to take shape.





Another update on 2/4/2004 - the hull sides take shape.




And on 2/7/2004 - the first side planks are installed.





Status update on 2/25/2004 - planking almost completed.




Status update on 4/15/2004 - planking completed - sanding has begun. That's Roger - getting sanding instructions from Phil !!!





After days and days of sanding - the deck gets stained and the first build coats of varnish are applied.





Finally on May 14, 2004 the stain and first sealer coats of varnish on "Bandito" were completed, and Roger transported the boat to his own shop in Alton. Roger will complete the finishing, install the motor, rigging, upholstery, and install all the new chrome hardware.





Roger put the project on hold during the summer of 2004, then started working on Bandito again in the fall. Here are some photos taken in early December.



And on 12/18/2004 - a shop tour.




Then on April 16, 2004 the 8th and final coat of Epifanes varnish was applied by Bill John and Donnie McLean - at Roger's shop. Notice the big smile on Roger's face !!!



Finally - launching ceremonies for "Bandito" occurred on May 28, 2005 - everything went well.



Sea Trials - perhaps the most fulfilling part of the entire project !!!




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